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Workflow Trigger Payment Received

Hey, it’s Leon from the development team.
I’m here to tell you about the workflow trigger payment received.
Now this trigger is perfect as a centralized process for capturing all incoming payments across the crm.
Now, this includes many types of charges and filter customizations.
Now, this trigger will help you automate tasks, streamline processes, and efficiently respond to customer transactions.
You would navigate to automation’s, workflows to edit or create a workflow, which is the payment received trigger, where you can add filters for the, for the product, the payment status, and its source.
For example, this includes calendars, funnels, invoices, and websites failed or successful statuses.
So you could filter for failed payments, including with subscriptions and recurring payments.
From there, once you add the payment receive trigger, this gives you access to a lot of different custom values and filters as well that you can use in if else statements, branch off in your workflow for amounts, statuses, products, source, website, et cetera.
Look up the trigger and our help library for more detailed information and stay tuned for more updates.

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