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Ability To Choose Deduplication Preference Order

Hey there, Steven from the dev team wanted to let you know about another update.
So we’ve had very specific folks asking for this update, and so I’m gonna try and explain it to you as, as best as I can.
’cause it, it involves a little bit of mental math, so duplicate contacts.
Previously, we, we have a great system in place for recognizing duplicate contacts.
And for 95% of situations it, it works ’cause most people do not want duplicate contacts.
Obviously if you turn this on, nothing else is gonna matter.
You’re gonna say, Hey, I want you to add a duplicate contact every time that somebody submits a form or, or takes an action.
Most folks don’t, don’t want that.
So we’re gonna keep this off and tell you how it works.
So normally the system has to check one kind of unique identifier and then the next, and so now we have the ability to, to decide which order are we gonna check in or are we gonna only check one? And so the default way was email and then phone.
But now you can choose email and then none or phone and then none or phone and then email.
And so what this does is, let’s say there’s a form submission of a contact that maybe already exists in your system and maybe that contact only had given a phone number previously.
So it’s gonna try and search by phone number.
And then if it finds it, it’s gonna update the, the email.
Instead of creating another contact with just that email, let’s say it’s vice versa, they submit a form with phone and email, but they only had an email previously.
Now it’s going to search for phone and say, well, I didn’t find it.
But instead of creating a new contact, it’s gonna then search by email and say, oh, but I did find email, there’s therefore this is the contact.
So to really helping eliminate any sort of use case where there could be a duplicate contact.

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