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SEO-AIM Insights: Uncover Project Wisdom

Overview of Insights

Unlock valuable and often overlooked information about your projects with the SEO-AIM Insights tool. This feature not only identifies crucial facts but also suggests actionable solutions and generates innovative ideas. Plus, it taps into competitor data to enrich insights in specific categories.

A screenshot of the azure portal.

Finding Insights

  1. Navigate to Insights:
    • Access it from the side menu on the platform. Click on the “Projects” section, and you’ll spot the “Insights” tab in the new submenu.
  2. Project Selection:
    • When you enter the tool, choose the project you want insights for. The total number of new insights for the selected project will be displayed near the tool’s name.

Utilizing Insights

  1. Insights Menu:
    • The main menu showcases all insights detected for your project. Note that insights for newly created projects might take a day to become available.
  2. Categorized Insights:
    • For your convenience, insights are categorized, making analysis more straightforward. Use the detection period feature to focus on the latest findings.
  3. Exploring Insights:
    • Click on a specific insight to delve into its details. Alternatively, consult our recommendations for each category to determine your next steps.

Uncover the depth of your projects and gain actionable intelligence with SEO-AIM Insights. Click, explore, and enhance your project strategies!

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