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Introducing Conversation AI

Hey there, it’s Leon with the development team.
Just wanted to introduce the conversation.
Ai, it’s a, it’s a ai bot suggestive mode in the conversation area.
So this feature, you know, provides assistance conversationally.
Whenever you click on the type of message box on the conversations page, the, the bot will suggest up to three responses.
To enable this, you would end up going to settings, conversation ai.
Click on where it says suggestive.
Select a calendar as this bot helps with booking appointments.
And we’ll provide the, you know, calendar link that they can book on that you select from the dropdown.
You can customize the bot responses and do questions and answers here, and you click save.
And once that’s done, all you have to do is go over to conversations and select from one of the prompts that you have set up.

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