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Premium Triggers And Actions – Number Formatter

Hey, it’s Leon from the development team.
I’m here to tell you about a new premium workflow action called the Number Formatter.
Now, this feature is exciting because it will allow you to convert text input to numbers for easy comparison and if else conditions.
With number operators, you could format currencies to their respective locales before sending emails to contacts.
Formatting phone numbers is a lucrative aspect of this action.
When working with external phone number applications and more, you would navigate to automation’s workflows to create or edit an existing workflow.
And in this example, we have a situation where somebody submitted a survey and there’s a field in that survey asking how much did they spend.
You could then format this to a specific format, whether it’s a comma or a period, a decimal involved, and then you could update a contact field with this number using the custom value for number formatter, and you could use it in an if LS condition to filter for specific things like greater than equal to.
There’s also the option, let’s say you have a information coming in from a spreadsheet and it’s unformatted.
You want to go ahead and Format it to a certain way, like with comma for grouping and period for decimal, period for grouping and comma for decimal, and then maybe execute a math operation with the old field and update a new field with a formatted number.
You can also, let’s say in that sheet, there’s also an external phone number that gets updated in the contact card.
You could then format it to a specific country or international purposes and more, and then update the contacts phone number field with this formatted result.
Or you could send it in an email, things like that.
Say for this one, you have a sheet that comes in and there’s raw financial data in there, and you want to convert it to a specific currency before emailing somebody.
You can do that, and then you would just end up using the custom value under number formatter and pick the result.
You can also generate random numbers.
Look up the action in our help library for more detailed information and stay tuned for more updates.

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