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Images In Forms And Modern Builder UI

This is Steven from the dev team coming at you with another update.
And in this case you can see the form builder has been completely revamped.
So you’re gonna see a completely new ui ux, a completely new form building experience.
So let’s dive into where you might be used to seeing things that are now in a different place.
So form elements.
So your drag and drop elements are now over here on the left hand side.
So you can expand the menu here, go through and you can see all of your standard quick add fields.
So you can see through here a new one that we’d like to point out here is terms and conditions.
And so you can come in here and you can change the language of your terms and conditions and then mark it as required so that they check and the system tracks that they accepted the terms and conditions.
And so that is, these are your standard fields here.
And then custom fields, any custom fields that you’ve created, you can drag and drop over here as well.
So that is your form elements.
You can still add custom fields from this section in the styles here.
You can see all of the same styles gonna laid out a little bit differently, just a little bit different ui ux there.
Custom C Ss S background image and header image.
These are both brand new.
So you can see here I’ve added a header image and if I go to preview you can see that header image populates here at the top of the form.
Same thing with the background.
It will cover this whole background area.
You also have the ability now to set the form background as a whole.
So if you wanna make it transparent or have that have that background, you will be all set using that feature as well.
And then all of the options are the same here.
So you can make sure that those are set, how you like them and how you need them for the proper function of your form.
So that’s all of the major changes here.
You can see there’s also a preview button that will automatically save your changes when you preview, integrate will pop up the options to give you a direct link and embed code to embed it on a, on a, on a, on a webpage.
And so you still have all of those same options as well.
So those are the major updates to the form builder.
We’re really, really excited.

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