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Image AI Now In Blogs

Steven from the dev team here coming at you with another update here in the blog section.
You can now use AI to generate images for your blog posts.
So all you have to do is click over here.
So maybe let’s say we wanted to insert an image right after the introduction here.
And so we come and we click insert image here.
And then on the side you can either grab from your media library or you can create an AI image.
And so I’m gonna take the example here and I’m going to ask for three types of variations.
I want it in the style of photography.
Got other styles down here.
Go ahead and hit generate.
It’s going to go ahead and do its AI thing to generate a couple of different images here and you can choose exactly what you want or you can generate new content.
So really excited about this feature to allow you to put these types of images in your blog posts.

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