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Custom Invoices

Hey, it’s Leon from the development team.
I’ve got an exciting update about invoices.
You know, invoice settings Now support the addition of, you know, custom fields and values for all invoices created.
You’ll also be able to define the number of days after which each invoice is due from its date of creation, along with the business logo and information that should appear in every invoice.
Now to, to view this feature, go ahead and click on the gear icon after you go to payments, invoices.
And as you can see, there’s a business information section here now where you can upload a logo, change a business name, phone number, address, you know, websites, and add custom values, which is really cool.
And invoice title and terms.
Let’s see here.
Thought that there was also another option for custom values, but I’m not seeing it here.
Moving on due dates, settings, you can pick the amount of days an invoice is due after you create it.
And you can also add custom fields to learn more about this feature.
Look up invoice settings in the help library.
And that’s all for now.

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