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SEO-AIM Summary Tab: An Easy Guide

The Summary tab in SEO-AIM provides a quick and straightforward way to assess vital project details, including search engines, keywords, pages, top positions, and competitors. All the information here is gathered from various parts of your projects in SEO-AIM.

To access the Summary tab, simply use the left-hand side menu and navigate to Rankings -> Summary.

A screen shot of a dashboard showing a number of different graphs.

Now, let’s break down the key indicators organized into different data blocks:

1. Search Visibility

  • Description: A graph displaying the overall percentage of impressions your website receives over time in a specific search engine for all the keywords added to your project.

2. Average Position

  • Description: This graph illustrates the average position of your website, calculated by adding all positions over a certain period and dividing by the total number of keywords in your project.

3. Organic Traffic

  • Description: A chart showing the total number of clicks on organic search engine results page (SERP) snippets over time.

4. Distribution of Top Positions

  • Description: Provides the total number of site ranking positions in organic search, categorized by positions in the top 1, top 3, top 5, top 10, top 30, and top 100 search results. Hover over “By search engine” for a breakdown of top positions by search engine.

5. Keywords in SERP

  • Description: Displays the number of keywords for which your web pages are ranking at the top of search results. The scale indicates improvements, declines, or unchanged rankings.

6. Keyword Overview

  • Description: Lists top, improved, and declined keywords, offering analysis by positions and visibility. Click “View All” for a comprehensive list in each category.

7. Pages

  • Description: View all the pages on your site that are ranking at the top of SERPs, along with those that have risen or fallen in their current ranking positions.

8. Competitors

  • Description: Lists all sites ranking in the top 5 search results for tracked keywords, sorted by search visibility.

9. Distribution of Competitors

  • Description: Displays the distribution of competitors in organic search results based on the number of keywords they are ranked for, the average position of these keywords, and the search visibility of the site.

10. Notes

  • Description: Find the latest project notes and updates on search engines in this section.
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