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Schedule Your Instagram Reel With The Social Planner

Hi there.
It’s Leon from the development team and I have a quick update about the social planner.
I’m excited to announce that Instagram reels can now be posted and scheduled.
For those of you that know a lot, a lot about Instagram reels, short form video is the most engaging content type, and it has the highest ROI compared to any other content format.
So businesses are using Instagram reels to educate, inform, inspire, showcase company culture, and entertain.
It’s a great way to increase visibility.
It’s a great place for creative expression.
It creates opportunity for discoverability and for business promotion.
Unfortunately, due to some restrictions on my account that I wasn’t able to resolve today, I couldn’t fully demonstrate the process, but I’ll cover the important details.
What you would end up doing is set a set up a Facebook Business ads account and go through the Facebook’s review processes and then link Instagram to your Facebook.
Allowing these permissions to your Instagram account will make it so that you can connect a Instagram account in the social planner.
So you just go to marketing, social planner and add account, go through all the processes needed, and then to post a reel, you click Create New post.
And as you might be able to see, it’s a little faded, but on this tab it says reel, and you’d be able to, you know, create your reel here and post it and schedule it.
Yeah, so some things to keep in mind.
The suggested video size is up to one gigabyte, so you want to keep it a gigabyte or smaller.
And the thumbnail is eight megabytes aspect ratio.
It’s recommended to be nine by 16, and the duration maximum is 15 minutes and three seconds is the minimum.
The formats that it’ll allow for the reel would be m o V, or mp4.
That about covers this update.
Thank you for your time.

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