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Advanced Data Points In Call Reporting

Hi there.
It’s Leon from the development team here to announce that the call reporting area within reporting call reporting has been, you know, enhanced and streamlined and updated.
So the UI has have been lined.
You can view the, the filter options here.
As you can see with call status, we’ve added, answered, you know, missed, no answer, declined, canceled, failed, and voicemail.
There is a chart for first time caller status and it breaks it down.
There are call, there are also, you know, call duration stats in several places.
You can also see like top call sources and, you know, top call agents to identify, you know, who your best agents are.
You know, and, and again, you know, we’ve specifically broke this down into incoming and outgoing, you know, aspects so that you can focus on, on which, which call types you’re working with.
That’s all for now.

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