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Adding Backlinks Made Easy with SEO-AIM

Manually Adding Backlinks

Let’s walk through the simple process of manually adding backlinks to SEO-AIM. Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Backlink Monitor Tool: Click the dedicated button in the tool.Add Backlinks
  2. Choose Group and Format:
    • Select the group to categorize your backlinks.Choose the format: enter manually, line by line, or import from a .TXT or .CSV file.
  3. Set Additional Values:
    • Specify the price and responsible manager values (optional).These values apply to all manually added or imported backlinks.
  4. Collect Data:
    • Once added, the system starts collecting data on your backlinks.After data collection, your backlinks will appear in the list.
A screen shot of a wordpress website with a sign up button highlighted.

Importing Backlinks from Google Search Console

Easily import backlinks from your Google Search Console using SEO-AIM:

  1. Click the “Connect Google Search Console” button in the Backlink Monitoring module.
  2. Follow the Authorization Process:
    • Authorize SEO-AIM to access your Google account by clicking “Allow.”
  3. Add Your Email to Google Search Console:
    • Complete the process by adding your email to Google Search Console.
  4. Allow Data Download:
    • Permit our system to download data from Google Search Console.Refer to the instructions under Settings – Integrations if needed.
  5. Import and Configure:
    • Once connected, effortlessly import backlinks from the Google Search Console API.Configure them for automatic updates as needed.

With SEO-AIM, adding and managing your backlinks is a straightforward process. Whether manual or via Google Search Console, stay on top of your backlink game effortlessly!

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