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Huge New Mobile App Update

This is Steven from the dev team coming at you with another update.
This time we’re talking about the mobile apps, this big updates that have come to the mobile app, as well as some major fixes for resolving major bugs.
You can see there’s gonna be a new UI and UX experience, so you’re gonna see an updated, really great new fresh design.
And that involves not just the app itself, but also notifications.
There’s a brand new dashboard and module as well under the the side menu.
And then there’s an update to filters and local caching.
So you’re gonna see an improvement in speed.
Also from the mobile app, you can now create and manage recurring invoices, so you can save time and streamline your billing process straight from the app.
And then invoice can create, be created and sent without integrating Stripe Connect.
The other big major fix here is conversation navigation.
So there’s been significant improvements to conversation navigation, which would make it easier for you to move in and out of different, different screens in the app and effortlessly go from contacts to conversations to be able to easily reply to leads that you are in and clients that you are in conversation with.

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