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Workflow Settings And History Upgrade

It’s Leon with the development team, we’ve been hard at work revamping and refreshing several areas of the platform to make the user experience smoother, you know, more intuitive and in sync with the ui.
So I wanted to bring this one up because it has changed significantly enough that you may have questions or you know, not wanna run into this by surprise.
But ev everything’s relatively the same as far as workflow settings are concerned.
You got rid of some extra settings that are no longer, you know, that are deprecated or out of date and you can still allow multiple, they just change it to allow reentry.
So, you know, if you enable this, it’ll allow a contact to reenter this workflow.
If it’s been in it before, and I’ve still got stop on response, but something of difference of note is that you can select contact timezone, which is, you know, extra peace of mind that is going out during the contact time zone.
You can specify time, windows, and center details and mark conversations as read so that the, you know, message messages that come out of this automation are marked as read and don’t, you know, populate your notifications excessively history has been changed to enrollment history.
And you know, you can select the contact card from here, see the date enrolled, you know, the current action they’re in and status now.
But if you’re wanting more details, it’ll go to few execution history, which will basically take you to execution logs and you can look at the flow of this contact and view, you know, like view additional details and, you know, make sure that all the history is included by selecting these icons.
That is pretty much it.
So just some changes name wise and you know, structure wise and this is vastly improved and, and different.
So I just wanted to bring it to your attention.
Thanks for your time.

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