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Client Portal For Affiliates

Leon from the development team here, and I’m announcing the, that the client portal is live.
Now this relates to the, you know, affiliate manager and affiliate related content.
It’s a platform for clients and leads to allow seamless engagement with accounts.
It ensures a secure environment where each client can access their affiliate commissions, explore community groups, and access membership courses through a single login.
Now, by offering this client portal, you can enhance customer retention and, and provide improved service overall.
This is, this is what the login page for the portal looks like when you set it up on a custom domain and it’s just kind of an example.
So you can see what this looks like.
To set this up, you would navigate the sites and go to client portal.
It’ll show up as new, it’s a new tab.
You are able to share, you know, access to access to this portal to a large group of people instead of sending individual invites by, you know, copying this url.
If you set up a custom domain, you’d copy this URL to set this up for a custom domain.
If this, if I click remove here, I could click on Custom Domain.
This would drop down.
You’d add a c name record to purview client club.net or, or you can set up an a record that points to this IP address.
Once, once you get that finished, it’ll take you to the branding and you would fill out the details like portal, name, description, colors, logos, images, and more.
Once this happens, all the existing affiliates will receive a welcome email to log into the client portal and you know, existing members can still use their membership.
As usual, there’s an added client portal for improved experience.
You know, affiliates, part of the affiliate manager will now be able to log in and view their leads, customers revenue generated, and you know, commissions earned along with the ability to view their affiliate links, which is great.
That should cover it.
I will get some more detailed information into the help library shortly.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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