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Collective Booking – Calendars

Hey, it’s Leon with the development team.
A new calendar type has been added to the system, so it’s called Collective Booking.
If you go to settings, calendars, and then hit Create calendar, you’ll see this new option.
And this type of calendar allows multiple users to share a common calendar.
So when someone wants to schedule an appointment with team members, you know they can see available time slots based on the combined availability of all the team members in the calendar.
This would be ideal for scheduling a, you know, sales call with an executive and an sdr, or a technical support call with a customer support representative and an engineer, or an interview with a recruiter and a hiring manager.
For example, when you click select the menus, basically the same as for a group calendar.
And you know, once you fill out all the information and hit confirm, it’ll pull up links and to really kind of see the differences for this type of calendar, you’d want to go to the meeting details.
And as you can see, one of the, one of the users is an owner and they would lead the appointment on the other side.
If you would need to change this, click make owner, it’ll switch the owner to the other user, And that is about all there is to it.
And thanks for tuning in.

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