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Automatic Receipts In Order Forms

Leon from the development team here, we have made it easier for businesses to automatically send receipts to their contacts following order form purchases.
This enhancement addresses a significant challenge, the need for a automated email receipts after a purchase or subscription transaction is made.
Now businesses can now send receipts automatically for primary bump and upsell purchases on one step and two-step order forms, as well as you know, subscription payments.
And to make use of this feature, you want to head to payments, settings, and receipts.
You can set a custom title, a prefix, a start number, and even make use of email templates.
When you’re in a email campaign or an email template and you’re using a a text element, you click on the custom values icon and as you can see receipt, and you can make use of any of these custom values.
Now there is something to keep in mind.
Let’s see here.
The content of the receipts are automatically generated based on the transaction details, along with coupon discounts if applicable.
And to learn more about this, look up automated receipts in the help library.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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