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Exploring Social Media Metrics with SEO-AIM

Understanding and tracking your social media performance is made easy with SEO-AIM. Here’s a breakdown of the key tabs providing valuable statistics for your connected social accounts:


The “Dashboard” tab offers an overview of all your social accounts linked to SEO-AIM.

  1. Select Your Period: Choose a timeframe to view summaries for the specified dates, applied across all connected pages and groups.
A screenshot of the azure sandbox.

Facebook Metrics

Dive deeper into your Facebook insights with the dedicated “Facebook Metrics” tab.

  1. Total Page Reach: Track daily user views during the chosen period, distinguishing organic and paid reach.
  2. Total Likes: Monitor likes over time, understanding the increase or decrease dynamics.
  3. Views: Explore page views and their dynamics during the specified timeframe.
  4. Weekly Total Reach: Understand your page’s reach for the last week and its fluctuations.

Twitter Metrics

Unlock the power of your Twitter analytics in the “Twitter Metrics” tab.

  1. Graphical Overview: Visualize account metrics for each day, displaying retweets, favorites, and replies in distinct colors.
  1. Explore Dynamics: Understand the dynamics of retweets, favorites, and replies over a specified period.

To analyze data for a specific timeframe, simply input the desired dates. Additionally, you can seamlessly switch between metrics for various pages within the tab and effortlessly add new Facebook or Twitter accounts.

With SEO-AIM, harness the insights you need to refine and elevate your social media strategy.

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