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Custom Fields For Opportunities

Steven from the dev team coming at you with just another update opportunity.
Custom fields, this is something that folks have been asking for for a, a long time and we’re really excited to release it.
So opportunity or custom fields for opportunities.
This is focused on every, so if a contact has an opportunity, so they’re in a pipeline, they’re in a stage, maybe they have even multiple opportunities, multiple pipelines, multiple stages.
There is the ability to add specific information now to that opportunity.
And so how does this work? In the custom field section, you can see here, if we go to folders, you can now go ahead and create an entire folder just for opportunity fields and then select, you see contact and opportunity now.
So we can create that folder just for opportunity fields.
And now we can add new custom fields specific to opportunities, right? So you have all the same types of, all the same types of fields.
You’d see here it is a, the object is opportunity because we’re creating it inside the folder.
And now we have opportunity, opportunity note as just an example.
So how would that actually play out inside of a field? And so right here, let’s go into a test contact.
You now have this whole opportunity folder.
So it’s gonna show you any a folder that has the opportunity type custom fields in it.
And you are going to be able to then create the opportunity field in here.
Or, sorry, not create, but be able to add.
And then you can also add and manage more fields from here as well.
So this is something we’re very, very excited about and have even more updates coming on this in the future.

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