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Two-Way Sync With Gmail

Steven coming at you with another update.
So we’re talking about email two-way sync.
So the reason you would want to potentially do this and enable two-way sync is so that all emails sent out of the software or threads are also showing up in your Gmail or your Outlook and vice versa.
So basically ensures that the same information shows up in both places.
So if that’s something that you want, you can go ahead and click on either of these and hit connect and then follow the instructions in the popup to, to connect.
The one thing to just be cognizant of is if you are a power sender.
So if you’re sending over a thousand emails a day, 2000 emails a day, Gmail does have some built-in limits.
And so there with, with, with third parties.
And so there are built-in limits there.
So if you’re concerned about that, this might be a reason to not use it.
However, if you are, if, if you don’t cross those kind of thresholds.
So here, let me grab those for you.
Yeah, so 2000 is the amount of messages sent per day and a hundred recipients per message.
So that one doesn’t really really matter, but that is the big number you should know.

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