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ChatGPT Premium Action Is Live

Hey, it’s Leon from the development team.
I’m here to introduce you to a new premium workflow action that involves chat B G P T.
For those of you that are not familiar with this, with all the chatter going on about artificial intelligence chat, g PT is a, you know, AI chatbot developed by open ai.
You know, it’s notable for, for enabling users to refine and, you know, steer a conversation towards a desired, you know, format or style to make use of, of chat g b t Within a workflow you can use, for example, like a trigger like customer replied and you know, you could instruct the AI with a prompt to translate, you know, the blow content from English to whatever the contacts language is.
Using a custom field.
That would be the response, but translated.
So then I would send this message with the custom value that is now available, the response, and send them a message.
And then I’m waiting for the, you know, contact or reply to this.
And then here’s some other ways to utilize chat G P T.
So you can, you can generate a response, right? So that’s what this selection for this particular prompt is from would be to generate response.
You can also generate content, check intent, translate content, right? Should be what this one is from.
The temperature, if you turn it down, will be more focused and determined.
You know, if you go all the way up to one the other way.
Otherwise it’ll be more random.
Let’s see here.
I know, and you can also utilize this, this actions a custom value within if else conditions.
As an example, if the prompt is empty when replying, then maybe I could, you know, check into what’s going on with this.
That’s pretty much all there is to it.
If you’d like to learn more, look up the chat g p t action in the help library.
Stay tuned for we’re update.

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