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Websites Now Support Building An Online Store For Your Business

Steven from the dev team here, a little bit of a longer update this time.
So you can now add products into an online store inside of websites.
So all you go is you.
You go to the payments and then products to create your product.
And then you can go ahead and choose, include in online store, and then you’re go ahead and save that.
So now what that does, if we navigate back to websites, what we’ll do here is we’ll just take a test page and we’ll go ahead and add a, add that product.
And so we’ve got our test product here and we’ll go ahead and save that.
So what you do is you actually navigate to go to the website now.
So you’ve got a existing website that you wanna add the store to, or if you’re creating a new website, either way you click on the plus button, head down to store and click add to site.
And so as long as you have that product that is already existing now this is going to automatically add a couple of pages so you can see it’s going through that process.
And REIT initialize.
So you can see here it is added ins, kind of some default products.
Now because this is the editor, it’s gonna show these defaults, but you’ll actually be able to manage products here from the product list.
And then if we go back to the overall website view, you can see it’s got the products list, the product details.
So every time they click on a product, they go to the product details.
And then from there they can go to the cart, check out and thank you.
So it’s gonna automatically add those in and you can style them how you want.
So really your product list will depend on what products you have added to your singular online store.
Every product that has been added to the online store will show up in this product’s list.
So really excited about that and that is an awesome new addition with even more functionality coming soon.

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