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Forward Incoming Calls To Multiple Users

All right, so this update is for the lc phone and it has to do with this ring incoming call to all users.
So whenever you add a new number or if you’re editing an existing number like I’m doing now, by the way, this just is a demo number.
It’s not real, but you can see here at the very bottom there is this new edition where you can select up to eight users where if somebody were to call this number it, this number here, the number that you chose, it would ring up to all eight users at the same time.
And then it becomes kind of a race to see who answers first.
And so all you have to do is drop this down.
So I’m would click Cool guy and a test person.
There we go.
So you can see now I have cool guy and test person selected, and it can even ring forwarding forwarded numbers as well.
But usually what happens is it’s gonna ring them either in the web app or in your mobile app, depending on which one they’re using.
And again, with whoever answers first, that is a person that will take the call and that is how you use the Ring, incoming call to all users feature.

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