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New Account Dashboard Design

All right, so this is an update to the dashboard.
As you can see, the dashboard has gotten a facelift and there are a handful of different new features that I want to highlight for you.
So first of all, you can see the opportunity status, opportunity, value, conversion rate, things like that.
These are, these work on the opportunity status.
And so if you were to go into the opportunities section and go into any of your pipelines, this will reflect what you have in your various pipelines.
And you can change those out here where it says funnel or stage distribution.
So I could switch this to demo two or test pipeline, any of these and, and it’ll reflect what is in each individual pipeline up here.
It’ll show overall based on all pipelines, you can adjust based on time.
So this is just looking at the past month.
However, if I want to go and look at the past year or just the past seven days, I could.
And then going down, you can see things like, and, and this is, is the same as it was before, but again, it has a facelift.
Now of, as far as tasks, manual actions, you can look at all tasks that are pending, that are completed, or you can look at all, you can look at due dates and you can look at specific users if you wanted to see a specific user, what tasks they still have left, pending what, which ones they’ve completed, things like that.
You can look at all that here.
Same thing with manual actions.
This will show what manual actions are left to complete, which ones have been completed.
And you can even filter by workflow if you wanted to, to see specific manual actions that are part of a specific workflow.
And again, you can filter it by user as well.
You can also look at your lead source report.
So in this case, I just have a single lead who is worth $300, but, or, sorry, three leads worth a hundred dollars.
So it’s $300.
I’ve won those three leads.
So you can see the different win rates, but you’ll be able to see the source of where those leads came from, how many open, won, lost, abandoned, things like that.
And finally, if you have this connected to your Google My Business, or specifically your Google Ads account, it will pull in your analytics reports for your Google Ads as well as your Google My Business profile, as well as if you are running Facebook ads and if you’ve connected your Facebook ad account, which that’s done in the settings, if you’ve connected that as well, then it’ll show those numbers here.
And so that is the update on the dashboard.

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