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SEO-AIM Competitor Monitoring: Uncover Your Competition’s Secrets

Adding Competitors: A Strategic Move

In SEO-AIM, keeping tabs on your competitors is a breeze! Follow these steps to gain valuable insights into their rankings, strategies, and more.

How to Add a Competitor

  1. Navigate to the “Added Competitors” section.
  2. Click “Add competitor” and specify the competitor’s URL.
A screenshot of the azure dashboard with a button highlighted.

Understanding Competitor Rankings

Competitor rankings are tracked for the same search engines, regions, and keywords as your project. Keep your data updated by visiting the “Added Competitors” section and clicking “Recheck data.”

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Analyzing Added Competitors

  1. Detailed View:
    • Get specific details on each competitor’s ranking positions.
  2. Overall View:
    • Grouped rankings data by search engine, comparing each keyword with added competitors.

Learning From Competitors

  • Use the “Added Competitors” tab to analyze and evaluate competitor strategies.
  • Observe ranking trends and spikes but avoid blindly copying. Learn, adapt, and monitor changes in rankings related to website adjustments.
A screenshot of the azure dashboard with a button highlighted.

Accessing Competitive Research

  1. Navigate to Competitive Research from Projects:
    • Projects > My Competitors > Added Competitors > Detailed or Visibility Rating.
    • Click “Research this domain” next to the needed domain.
  2. Navigate to Competitive Research from SERP Competitors:
    • Choose how to display data: by domain or URL.
    • Expand the menu next to a domain/URL and select “Research this domain” or “Research this URL.”
  3. Accessing Competitive Research When Adding Competitors:
    • Go to a project’s settings and open the Competitors tab.
    • Click “Competitive Research” above the “Add manually” field.
    • Click “Research” for a specific competitor or use the “Research this domain” icon.

Dive Into Competitor Charts

Choose between “Detailed” and “Overall” view options to explore insightful competitor graphs, including:

  • Average Position
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Search Visibility
  • % in Top 10
  • Competitor Distribution

Detailed Competitor Data

Under the “Detailed” tab, discover comprehensive metrics like:

  • Keywords ranking in the top 5/10/30
  • Average ranking positions
  • Changes in ranking positions
  • Indexed pages and more

Click “Rankings” next to a competitor for in-depth ranking insights.

Competitor Rankings Overview

Explore a competitor’s ranking positions under three tabs: Rankings, Overview, or Historical Data. Tailor your analysis with filters and date options.

Historical Data Insight

In the “Historical Data” tab, witness the dynamics of a competitor’s metrics from the moment of inclusion. Understand ranking changes over time.

Overall Competitor Data

The “Overview” view provides a holistic snapshot of all added competitors’ ranking positions across tracked search engines.

Ready to outshine your competition? Dive into SEO-AIM’s competitor monitoring, and stay ahead in the digital race!

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