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Premium Triggers And Actions – Date Time Formatter

Hi, I’m Leon from the development team and I’m here to tell you about the premium action date slash time formatter.
This feature is great because it will allow you to reformat the date or date and time from different sources, and you can also compare dates using this action and represent it in the number of days between the two.
Start a new workflow or edit an existing one, and to convert the date structure from one format to another.
Use the format, date action type format, the date and time, use format, date and time, and obviously to com.
When comparing dates, use compare dates.
The action will typically auto detect the from format when you select a particular field, and there are various options to choose from.
If it is a custom value, you’ll have to select the exact matching format For this to work, select any date field.
You can select a specific date, current date from contacts, date fields or date type custom fields, appointment slash start slash end date.
Custom values.
After setting up the actions, you can use the results in further actions in your workflow using custom values to output.
For example, Using the date slash time formatter, you would use the custom value as an example.
You can use this for comparing against invoice due date data.
So if you’re using a invoice trigger, you could compare, let’s see here, right here, the current date versus the due date for an invoice, and then you would input the custom values.
Now you could do this with a web hook.
Using the custom value there could update a contact field.
Could also send them them an email to let them know how many days until they have left, until they need to pay the invoice.
To learn more about this, just search for date slash time formatter and the help library.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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