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How to Create a Posting Schedule with SEO-AIM

Getting Started

  1. Access the “Posting Schedule” section to effortlessly manage your posts across all connected social groups and pages in SEO-AIM.
  2. To initiate your first post, navigate to “Social Media” -> “Auto-Posting” and click “Create a post.”
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Creating Your Post

Follow these steps for a seamless post creation experience:

  1. Enter Post Text: Type in your post content, keeping it within the character limits of 2000 for Facebook and 280 for Twitter.
  2. Add Social Account: Specify the social account where you want the post published.
  3. Include Channel: Add a channel for quick publishing, representing a group of pages united into one.
  4. Set Deletion Time (Optional): Specify the time to delete the post if needed.
  5. Attach File: Add an image or file, ensuring it doesn’t exceed 5 MB.
  6. Choose Publication Date: Set the date for post publication.
  7. Set Publication Time: Specify the time for the post to go live.
  8. Select Time Zone: Choose the time zone based on your location or the preferred audience’s location for effective scheduling.
  9. Duplicate Post (Optional): If you wish to duplicate the post, specify one or more publication dates.
  10. Publishing on Behalf: Select whether to publish the post on your own behalf.

For Facebook, choose between personal or community representation.

  1. After filling in all the details, click “Add Post” or “Publish Immediately” for an instant live session.
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