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Gmail Two-Way Email Sync

Hi, it’s Leon from the dev team and I’m here to tell you about our new Gmail two-way sync feature.
Google has been working with us to make this feature happen to allow users to sync outgoing and incoming emails with their personal or workspace Gmail accounts, and it’s finally live.
Two-way sync for Gmail allows users to integrate their Gmail account with the system in the profile area.
This creates a connection when the first email is sent from the system and all subsequent emails in that thread will be synced between both platforms.
This requires the user to initiate the conversation from the system first and is a user level setting.
Next up on the list is the ability to tag existing emails within Gmail to put them into the system, and this is coming soon.
Now here are some important notes on this topic.
The system will implement the user level Gmail account when the Gmail sending addresses entered into the from field, which populates automatically when logged in.
This is important to prevent emails from going to spam when using personal accounts, so it’s a great feature.
And keep in mind, Gmail does not support allow or like bulk emails.
So when you switch to sending bulk emails, leave the from Field blank or use a different address than the Gmail address and it will automatically switch to the connected SMTP service in the account.
Delivery of workflow and automation.
Emails will continue to go out from the account’s email service automatically so that this feature will play nice with Google as well.
To connect this feature, navigate to settings profile and scroll down to the email to a sync section and then click connect.
A pop-up will prompt you to choose from one of the available Gmail accounts in that browser or ask you to connect to Gmail account, select the one that you need and connecting a new account or require you to enter that account’s credentials in the popup that shows up.
It will then ask you about permissions to lead connector.
Make sure to allow all by checking the boxes and hit continue in the to enable this.
After this you’ll see your desired Gmail account in the email two way sync section where you can disable the connection, disconnect the connection, or update the connection.
I’ll after this, all subsequent messages for that email thread will be in sync after you send an email to the contact to initiate the sync and this will reflect in the system and vice versa.
So it is auto-populating the integrated Gmail account address in the from field.
When logged in, the sent email will show up in the inbox for Gmail.
The replies will, you’ll see it within the system.
To learn more about this feature, just search for Gmail, two way sync email in the help library.
That’s all for now, but stay tuned and I’ll be back soon with more updates from the dev team.

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