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Analyzing Pages, Resources, and Links with SEO-AIM

Crawled Page Analysis

Explore every page of your website with the Crawled Pages section in SEO-AIM’s analysis tool. Sort pages by detected errors, warnings, and notices for efficient management.

  1. Detailed Analysis: Click on the number under the Issues column to delve into specific issues on each web page.
  2. Quick Overview: The Crawled Pages table provides a snapshot of indexation status, link ratio, and page meta tags for swift analysis.
A screen shot of a microsoft word document.

Link Analysis

Uncover comprehensive details about every link on your site in the Found Links section. This includes:

  • Status code
  • Link type (hyperlink, HTML, image, CSS, JS)
  • Anchor text and type
  • Alt attribute
  • Page indexation
  • Nofollow/Dofollow attribute

Explore data on both external and internal links for a thorough understanding.

Resource Analysis

Delve into the resources housed on your site with the Found Resources section, covering images, CSS, and JavaScript. Each resource is evaluated based on:

  • Status code
  • Size
  • Loading time

Filters and Data Export

Tailor your analysis by utilizing filters to focus on specific parameters for web pages, links, and resources. Apply single or multiple filters to refine your data.

Data Export

Download data seamlessly from any tool section in an XLS file, ensuring easy access and sharing of valuable insights.

Efficiently manage and optimize your website by harnessing the power of SEO-AIM’s detailed analysis tools for pages, resources, and links. Stay informed about issues, enhance link strategies, and optimize resource usage effortlessly.

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