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Class Booking Now Live On The Calendar

Hey, it’s Leon from the Dev team.
I’m here to tell you about our new class booking on the calendar feature.
Class calendars are designed to manage one to many events where you would invite multiple contacts to a single booking.
Let me show you how this works and what that means.
So you click on create Calendar, and you’ll see now that there is a class booking calendar type.
And when you go into settings, it’s going to require you to at least add one owner and only one is allowed as it will be the host at the moment.
Custom is the only allowed option for meeting location.
That limitation will be removed in the near future.
When you go into availability, it will allow you to use up to 9,999 seats per class.
But keep in mind, software like Zoom will limit you to 500 invitees.
Its so this feature creates a centralized management of contacts for cancellation and rescheduling for the owner of the class and with the ability to reschedule or cancel the appointments for specific contacts or all contacts and see how the calendar type is class booking.
And when you get to the calendar view, You can see that you can reschedule all or cancel all, or you can go into individual contacts and reschedule them or cancel them individually.
You’re also able to add contacts to the booking through the widget or manually if you need to.
Something to keep in mind if you are using third party calendars such as Google or Outlook, the bookings will show as separate appointments at this time.
And to learn more about this feature, just search for class booking in the help library.
That’s all for now, but stay tuned and I’ll be back soon with more updates from the.

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