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Enhanced Google Pay And Apple Pay On Order Forms

Hey there, Steven from the dev team here.
Wanted to share a quick product update with you.
You can now have Google Pay showing automatically on your order forms, whether you use a one step or a two step order form.
This is in funnels or website.
So on on your funnel page, your website page, you can, if you have an order form there, it will now automatically show Google Pay it previously used to show other, and they’d click in to choose Google Pay or Apple Pay.
You can also have Apple Pay added in here as well.
And so now you can have three options for payment if you are using the Stripe integration.
So if we head over here, you can see that.
So under payments and then integrations, that’s where you’ll be able to determine whether everything is good to go over in the drive.
You can turn register domains for Apple Pay on, and that will show up for you as well.
Google Pay will automatically show up, so super excited about that and the ability for more folks to use different types of payment methods to complete their payment.

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