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Email Marketing Statistics Have Been Upgraded

All right.
This is a quick update for statistics and email campaigns that’s located in the marketing tab under emails.
If you look at campaigns, there have been some significant improvements and the STA statistics have just been made to be more robust.
And so if you are looking at a campaign and you go over and you click the actions button, there’s this option here that says statistics.
And if you open that up, you will see down here, you’ll see the number attempted the number successfully sent and the number skipped.
And you can click on any one of these to expand those statistics.
So let’s look at the number sent here.
So you can see it opens up this window, and right now it’s showing the number of successful deliveries at a hundred percent.
And if you wanted to change that from percentages into numbers, you could just toggle this switch up here, just like that.
And you can see it will change it into numbers.
I’ll toggle that back, and if I scroll down, you can see who this was delivered to.
At the same time, let’s say you wanted to look at why these three were skipped.
So you can click on skipped, and you can scroll down and you can see the different errors.
So in this case, two invalid emails and one contact that had their emails set to d and d.
And so this just enables you to again, have a more robust look at the statistics of the email campaigns that you are sending.
And that is the update for email statistics.

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