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Publish Instagram Stories In The Social Planner

Hi, it’s Leon from the development team.
A recent update to the system has added the ability to, to create posts to your Instagram story.
You wanna make sure to navigate to the gear icon and connect any Instagram business accounts that you have, which will have you log into Facebook.
You’d end up going to the Facebook page and linking your Instagram, your business, Instagram it.
It may also have you additionally verify it as well.
Something to look out for.
Once you have that all connected, you go to new posts, create new posts, and you’d be able to select the Instagram account and click on story.
You would then upload your images and videos from these icons, and then you can click on this dropdown and to schedule.
To schedule the poster.
Send it immediately or send it for approval.
Then you click save for later.
If you would like to save it for later.
For more information about using the system to post Instagram stories, just look it up in the help library.
That’s all for now.
Stay tuned for more Update.

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