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Unveiling Competitor Insights with SEO-AIM

Competition Insights Unleashed

Empower your strategy with SEO-AIM’s Competition Insights! This feature is tailored to keep you in the loop when competitors make significant moves within the Top 10 SERP rankings. Be informed when they soar up more than three positions or solidify their stance in the top tier after a jump. Stay ahead by monitoring crucial changes in the SERP, especially when aligning your page adjustments with our recommendations.

A screenshot of the azure portal.

Navigating the Insights

  1. Insight Counter:
    • In the top right corner, easily spot the total count of new insights in this category.
  2. Detailed View:
    • Click the “View All” button to delve into all the detected insights.

How it Operates

  1. Keyword Analysis:
    • The tool analyzes 30 keywords with the highest Search Volume from the Rankings tool for each project and user.
  2. Daily Updates:
    • Updates are delivered daily, ensuring you stay informed about changes in SERP pages and keywords.
  3. Insight Breakdown:
    • Each time a competitor leap is detected, the tool furnishes quick insights, including:
      • Difference: Improvement in position during the jump.Final Position: Competitor’s ranking at the insight’s detection.Traffic Forecast: Estimated keyword traffic based on current rankings and search volume.Keyword: The specific keyword for the detected jump.Date of Detection: When the insight was identified.
  4. Interactive Features:
    • Hover over or click on numbers for a summary or detailed history in the SERP Competitors Tool.
  5. Sortable Columns:
    • Columns are sortable, aiding quick assessments. Identify competitors with significant jumps or the best traffic forecasts.
  6. Further Analysis:
    • Click on Final Position or Difference numbers to seamlessly transition to My Competitors > SERP Competitors for in-depth analysis.
  7. Extended Options:
    • Utilize the three dots button for each link to:
      • Add a competitor to My Competitors.Conduct analyses in SERP Analyzer, Competitive Research, and Backlink Checker.Explore a website’s history at Archive.org.

Export and Empower

  • Export Competition Insights table data to CSV or Excel, empowering you with versatile usage.

Seize the advantage by staying attuned to your competitors’ moves with SEO-AIM’s Competition Insights. Click, explore, and elevate your competitive edge!

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