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File Attachments In The Email Builder

It’s Leon from the development team.
So the email builder now has the option to, you know, the menu option to add file attachments.
This one really excited me because you could pretty much do this anywhere else.
Don’t be fooled.
You need to go to marketing, emails, campaigns, and, you know, go to send or schedule a campaign to see this option.
I, I wasn’t able to find this within emails templates, so, you know, don’t get fooled like I did.
As far as, as far as this goes, it is compatible with the old version as the new one was released just the other day.
So if, if any of you are still using the old builder, you can also attach files there as well.
There is a 10 megabyte limit to deal with various email systems and, you know, here’s a list of supported extensions.
In case that’s helpful to make use of this.
You would end up going to the menu dots and clicking on file attachments and, you know, uploading your images.
That’s about all there is to it.
Check out the help library for more information.

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