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Blacklist Numbers Inbound Dnd

Hey, it’s Leon from the development team.
Wanted to bring up an exciting new feature for d and d.
It would be the ability to enable d and d for inbound calls and sms.
There’s been a lot of reports of people wanting to be able to, you know, block a caller that’s spam calling you, or texts that are coming into the system.
And this is now an option just to kind of go over this topic.
The a, d and D feature or do not disturb feature.
It allows you to stay in com, communication with your contacts as they wish for you to do so and looks like now vice versa.
Now you may have contacts who unsubscribed from emails or SMS communications, but you still want to keep their information in your records.
Or maybe a contact wants to receive emails but not texts or vice versa.
You can manually enable or disable these from the contact card, from the contacts menu by just clicking on these check boxes.
Or you can enable all of them the most.
The most recent feature that was updated was this d and d inbound calls and sms.
This will give you the option to, the option to basically block a number.
That’s all there is to it.
If you want to look into this topic in more detail, search for using the d and d feature in the help library and stay tuned for more.

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