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Introducing Content AI For The Social Planner

Hi, it’s Leon from the dev team, and I’m here to tell you about our new content, AI and the social planner feature.
This is a very exciting feature for right now.
It is limited to the social planner.
And keep in mind, we also have plans to launch other parts of the product for blogs, funnels, websites, and emails.
Soon now, this is the ultimate writing assistant that will help you quickly generate high quality social media content with specific tones to match your brand and assign keywords so that all your posts are optimized.
Generating good, impactful content is one of the toughest things in marketing With ai, it will provide support in generating months worth of content in a few hours.
The the AI will enable you to create content in less time, more effectively, and invest your efforts in other campaigns, allowing you to focus on essential tasks, produce more content, and reach a wider audience.
And you can even set the tone and style of content and relevance to your business or brand.
This will ensure you have a cohesive and professional brand.
Content AI provides various tonalities, such as funny, casual, excited, professional, witty, sarcastic, feminine, masculine, bold, dramatic, grumpy, secretive, respectful, and persuasive content.
AI can help businesses create better quality content tailored to their needs and goals, resulting in more compelling and effective content.
We are going to expand our scope to provide long form content and social planner.
Long form content describes a piece of writing that is between 1,007 thousand 500 words, and we are also going to expand our scope to provide a selection of languages to generate a content variation.
So there’s a lot to come.
How to create a social post with content ai.
Now, step one, you’d go to marketing social planner and you’d go to create a new post.
You’d select content ai And then you would choose the option to create a new post with content ai.
Fill in the details, including the post PostIt, post description keywords, tone of the content, and the number of variations you’d like to generate.
For example, for generating the content, enter the name of the topic or category of content like content marketing.
Provide a brief description about the post, like short form videos or changing the marketing trend in social media.
Marketing strategies.
Add keywords.
Enter the keyword and hit enter.
Like form videos, marketing strategy, content generation.
Choose the tone from the given options.
Choose the number of variations from one to five.
Step three, once you’ve filled out the form, it will generate variations of suggested prompts.
Simply choose the one that fits best for your needs and copy the variation content, which will appear on the right side of the editors space.
If you’re satisfied with the details of your post, now, press continue and you’re done.
You can also check the logs of content ai, insight automations, content i I AI to learn more about this feature.
Look into open ai.
That’s all for now, but stay tuned and I’ll be back soon with more updates from the dev.

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