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How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Understand Your Competitors and Target Customers

Stay Ahead of Rival Firms with Ethically Sourced Competitive Intelligence Data Collecting intelligence on competitors and the market is not difficult, nor is it expensive. It’s a perfectly legal means of gaming out future scenarios, driving growth strategy and giving you a competitive advantage by understanding how your rivals are communicating with and engaging their customers.…

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5 Data-Mining Tools You Can Use to Collect Actionable Competitive Intelligence

Discover the Keywords Your Competitors are Targeting Whether you are launching a startup company or developing a growth strategy for an established brand, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of potential business rivals is essential if you want to grow your business over the long haul. From spotting gaps in their social media outreach efforts (if…

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Why Content Marketing is a Vital Component of Any Marketing Strategy

Generate high-quality or convert users with informative content—marketing solutions in lieu of promotions Content marketing is a general term for the promotion of targeted, quantifiable, interactive and informative content intended to increase brand awareness, market presence, and customer retention. The difference between content marketing and promotional marketing is simple. Properly executed, a good content marketing…

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H-tags in SEO and Google's best practices in 2017
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SEO Best-Practices for 2017

Recommended SEO Best-Practices for Google When it comes to best-practices, it would be generous to say the insight Google provides is lacking. These "best practices" are similar to the Bible or the U.S. Constitution; their vague language results in their being frequently subject to varying interpretations. The key points of Google and Bing Develop a website…

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